About Us




In 1995, Elaine and Alberto Rojas opened the very first Fiesta Restaurant and over the last 20+ years, Ashley and Shannon have watched as their parents have become successful restaurateurs and pioneers of Peruvian culture and cuisine.  It is with that same love for Peru and it’s gastronomy and culture, that these two women set forth to carry on that legacy through partnerships with their parents in Viva Cove Restaurant and Fiesta on Main Restaurant.


Lucky for these two women, their husbands, Victor Mathieu and Wilson Portilla, both took to Peru the same way Elaine did when she married Alberto over 35 years ago… Together, the Mathieus and the Portillas are opening their first restaurant on their own, Fiesta Express. This group has quite the resume… with Ashley’s back office corporate experience, Shannon’s restaurant management education, Victor’s technical and social media expertise, and Wilson’s entrepreneurial operations background combined with all four’s strong emphasis on customer service, they are eager to bring Fiesta food to the masses. The fierce four are determined to stay true to the flavors and family style feel of the original three restaurants, and are adding a few fun changes that you would expect from a second generation.

Read an article about the founders and the opening in the Norwalk Hour (4/6/18)




Fiesta Express will focus on it’s top 10 dishes, and make all of those foods more accessible to our customers by offering an Express Lunch where customers will have the opportunity to venture outside of their comfort zone while still enjoying their favorite dishes. Pick a plate with two options, three options, or even four options- our goal is to expand your Peruvian pallete and try all of our Fiesta flavors. Our tagline is simple- “Your Fiesta Favorites- Now all on one plate!”